The best reviews yet.

Each afternoon some of the older students at the CRLC work via Skype with an Australian teacher. After watching The Staging Post, one of the most committed teachers, Lynne Samson, had them write down their thoughts about the film. I have included them in full below.

I'm so proud of their writing ability. They know that they are capable, and can make a difference to their own lives.

Thank you and bravo to the online students and thanks to Lynne for her commitment and ongoing support.

This masterpiece shows.....that refugees have dreams that may come true if they use their talents.
— Amir
The Staging Post is the most amazing and incredible movie that I have ever seen
— Naheed
The film nailed the audience to their seats.
— Amir
a true, sad and exciting story
— Nasser

On October 12 the school invited the online class to watch a movie which had been made by Jolyon Hoff. What is it about? This was the question that chewed my brain.  I wondered if it was about refugees, about our school or about misery. Before the movie started I wasn’t sure what to expect.

The film nailed the audience to their seats. At the beginning, it seemed to be only about the school, but as it developed more of the life and struggles of the refugees was shown. Sixty-five minutes that showed the difficulties refugees experienced in their transit to Indonesia; that showed that refugees are not terrorists.

This masterpiece shows the world that refugees don’t take risks to damage and destroy a foreign country. It shows that refugees have dreams that may come true if they use their talents. The film shows the power of group work. One hand doesn't have much sound, but many hands can make much sound. The only ones that can help refugees are the refugees themselves. We have to believe in ourselves, and this is what the film shows. Amir

Yesterday I saw The Staging Post. It was really amazing for me but really sad as well. Our friends Muzafar Ali and Khadim said what I want to say, that some  people say to us many times that we are terroriss. They say that if you are not terrorists why did you escape, or leave your country. I say to them that like you, we are human. We are not terrorists. We had problems in our country. Nobody wants to leave their family or their country. 

So the film gives a message to the world that refugees are also human and they are also skilful. 

When I arrived here I couldn't say even a word. Fortunately now I have improved. Before the school started I hear that everyone was lazy and sad at home. Now everyone is busy at school and getting an education. We are proud of our friends that realized that refugees had skills and wanted to learn.

My message to the world is: please give us our rights and save our lives. Gulistan

The Staging Post is a film, directed by Jolyon Hoff with Muzafar Ali and Khadim Hussein was screened in Indonesia this week.  Yesterday we saw the film.  It is wonderful. It has many messages for the all people who see it.  One of the messages in the film is that refugees experience many difficulties in leaving their countries. The film shows that we are not terrorists and that by giving a hand to each other and working together we can do many things. One of the most important messages of the film is that refugees have a right to learn, to get knowledge and education. Nematullah

Yesterday I saw The Staging Post, a film was about refugees living in Cisarua It was really great and is a true, sad and exciting story. I am thankful to Jolyon Hoff, Muzafar, Khadim and Tahira who were in the film They have done a wonderful job to have the voices of refugees heard around the world. The film shows the difficulties refugees face every day.  It shows how refugees leave their country to shelter in a safe place and that they don’t leave their country for pleasure. The film shows how refugees accept bad situations to reach their target and find a better life. Naseer

The Staging Post is the most amazing and incredible movie that I have ever seen. It shows the asylum seekers’ problems and how the asylum seekers handle some of their problems. When I watched that scene when Miss Tahira told her story and talked about how she lives with many problems and supports her children, I really became sad.  When I heard her story, I saw what a brave and hardworking woman she is. The film shows that refugees aren't terrorists, but that we are hard-working people who want the best for our families. Nahid

Yesterday I saw The Staging Post. It was really amazing and a good way to spread the message about refugees. I hope the world understands us and sees that we are searching for a peaceful life. I hope they understand that refugees dream and desire a better life; that refugee people risk their lives to resettle in a peaceful country. I hope they get the message from this movie that refuges kids need more education and more facilities. Qais

Yesterday was the screening of The Staging Post in Cisarua. The film is the story of refugees who have had to leave their family and country. The most heart touching scene was when Khadim talks about his hat which has made by his mother and which he says, has the smell of his mother.

The Staging Post is a moving film and an effective film to show the world that refugees are not terrorist and not dangerous. It shows that they are the same as other people and they just left their countries because of the serious problems and difficulties that they faced.Zoya

We watched The Staging Post yesterday. Sixty-five minutes on the life of refugees in Indonesia. The struggles of being a refugee were shown in the movie. It also showed the happiness when some got news of being resettled. The whole movie was very touching, especially the moment when Khadim said goodbye to his family. It was also really great to see the women and girls experiencing freedom, and being treated as equals to the men. Mustafa