We have begun filming the second episode of The Staging Post. Due for release in 2019.

Refugees resettled from the CRLC are integrating and succeeding at far greater levels than regular refugees and the second episode will include these stories, alongside the ongoing situation in Indonesia.

Of the 12 children resettled from the school, 11 have entered directly into their age-appropriate classes. Only two have required English-Second-Language support.

Families are being met at the airport (like Muzafar's family in the first episode). They are being guided through the integration process with fantastic results

For example; 

In two weeks Tahira moved herself from Saskatoon to Toronto, enrolled her kids in school, had their medical and dental checks, found a job, rented a flat and transferred herself from one government program to another. She will begin her degree at York University shortly.

In just over two years Muzafar's wife, Nagina, has finished the first year of an education degree at Adelaide University with a credit average.

Khadim, Muzafar, Natiqa, Amir, Matin, Fatima and more all have similar stories of success. 

There is an 'institutional knowledge' developed too.

The teachers and students at the CRLC have watched their friends succeed and now know what is possible. At the same time, the resettled refugees are transferring knowledge back to the refugees in Indonesia. They are training their friends for when they get their chance.

Khadim is filming the CRLC graduates in the USA and Canada in February/March 2018. Jolyon and Muzafar will follow the Australian and Indonesian stories.

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Thank you for accompanying us. This story has a long way to go yet!