Over 20 screenings booked during Refugee Week 2018. But we want more!

Join Adelaide, Bowral, Cairns, Parkdale, Warrawong, Townsville, Brunswick Heads, Armidale, Warwick, Sydney, Bega, Ballarat, Bairnsdale, Mansfield, Bendigo and many others!

If you think your community group, cinema or school might like to screen the film during Refugee Week please contact us at jolyonhoff@gmail.com.

All screening fees are negotiable during Refugee Week 2018 and we provide posters and press releases. We want everyone to see the film and connect with the refugees in Indonesia.

Find out what happened when 17 y.o. refugee, Khadim Dai, started filming on his mobile phone and started a refugee-led education revolution in Indonesia.


A truly moving piece of cinema. Nick Valentine

Uplifting and truly unforgettable. Philippa Byers

Full of wisdom and humour. Eileen O'Brien

Inspiring and moving. A must see for every Australian. Kathy King

About Refugee Week

Refugee Week is the flagship events of the Refugee Council of Australia and will be supported by a national public relations campaign that reaches an audience of 4.3 million Australians through TV, press, radio and online editorial. 

Khadim 17 years old when he started filming on his mobile telephone. His footage attracted many supporters to the school