400 UTS Communications Students

Muzafar and I were lucky to be asked to speak to 400 1st Year Communication Students at UTS on Tuesday and Wednesday. We screened an extract of the film and then spoke at each of the tutorials afterwards. Afterwards we were interviewed on the University radio station, 2SER.

20 years ago I was a communications student. As I looked out at their faces I clearly recognised the looks on their faces. That 19 or 20 year old 'look of cool detachment' which masks their confusion, underlying feeling of insignificance and sheer terror at the world around them.

They grumbled as I made them sit together up front, their body language and reticence trying to prove they certainly had more interesting, exciting and important places to be and think about.

Then I loved watching their faces as Muzafar spoke. As they leaned forward in their chairs and quietly slid their protective laptop computers to the sides of their desks. They realised they were actually experiencing something, feeling something. Me too. Every time we speak, we learn something new ourselves. A new corner to our story connects up for us.

We came away with a lot of energy. Thanks Lucy, UTS and all the students.