Host your own screening of The Staging Post!

‘A phenomenally powerful documentary.’

‘Today was so incredible! One of the best days at uni!’

‘This is by far the highlight of my uni experience over the past three years.’

Host your own screening of ground-breaking documentary, The Staging Post.

The Premiere Community Screening Tour is kicking off at Refugee Week 2017 and we are looking for community screening partners. Would you like to host a screening in your local city?

After four years we cannot wait to screen this film. Even our test screenings have received standing ovations.

All the screenings will be fundraisers for the Cisarua Refugee Learning Centre (CRLC) and, if we can get there, the film will be introduced by director, Jolyon Hoff and the co-founder of the CRLC, Muzafar Ali.

We’ll bring the film anywhere you can provide a space and a group of people. We can arrange the proper file delivery so you can screen in your local cinema, or we can screen in your local community hall, backyard, favourite cafe or bar on our own screen and projector.  We have the social media and ticketing system all set up to go. All we need is you!

Are you a School teacher or University lecturer. We’d love to introduce the film to your class.