The Rosegarden of Light.

"This is just wonderful. Absolutely wonderful. I'm quite speechless to be honest and utterly privileged to be part of such an important project." Sadie Harrison

This kind of thing keeps happening at The Staging Post

When we were looking for music, and knowing we would not have a budget for a composer, we asked Jennifer Moberg. We have never met Jennifer, but she has visited the CRLC a number of times to teach music and we knew she had taught at Afghanistan National Institute of Music.

She recommended we listen to a CD called The Rosegarden of Light by Sadie Harrison. A collaboration of Afghan and western musicians. As soon as we heard it we knew it was perfect, almost as if Sadie had actually composed the music for the film. It was seriously uncanny. Sometime we would lay the music on the timeline and the final bar and note would land right on our final shot!

We contacted Sadie about licensing the music. She and Martin at Toccata Classics were magnificent and agreed to allow us to use the music. Now we can't wait for you to hear how it complements our film perfectly.

To complete the circle, we showed Sadie the offline version of the film and her response is above. The whole story warms our hearts. It proves that we will never know the life our creations will lead.

Follow the links below to purchase The Rosegarden of Light or to find out more about the Afghanistan National Institute of Music.

Thank you Sadie, thank you Martin and thank you Toccata Classics. We look forward to meeting one day.