A day we will never forget

Yesterday Muzafar and I presented a nearly finished edit of the film to a class at Sydney University and the response was overwhelming. It was the first time the film had been shown to an audience and the first time Muzafar had seen the film in it's entirety.

Afterwards there was a standing ovation and stunned silence. No-one in the room could even gather their breath to ask a question in the Q&A. Thanks to Sydney University and Susan Goodwin. We will never forget this moment.

I was deeply moved and extremely intrigued throughout the whole lecture, and this is by far the highlight of my uni experience over the past three years so far. 

Dajana, Sydney University, Education Student

Last year the community in Cisarua captured my heart, today watching The Staging Post and talking with you both, I was reminded why. I stand with you in your endeavours.


Today was so incredible! One of the best days at uni! Thank you @thestagingpost for sharing your story with us and the world. We're so humbled by your courage to tell us your stories and we promise to do our best as social work students to serve the world however we can. Can't thank you enough! 

Audrey LIsing, Sydney University, Social Work Student

This is the look of pure joy and gratitude that comes from the privilege of truly listening to another human's true story of survival and resilience and the empathy and awe that grows as a result.

Sydney University, Social Work Student.

@thestagingpost is a phenomenally powerful documentary and we were honoured today to be part of its first screening, and to witness the strength, creativity and boldness of Hazara refugees in Indonesia who boldly are creating change in their community. 

Sydney University, Social Work Student